Love That Matters - Faith That Moves

(This was written last year...better late than never.)
Finally, a week of sleepless nights and sleepy daytime is over.
The FBC's 12th anniversary last November 27 is finally over.
Not that I had much as stress as the Anniversary Committee -
they are of a way different level!

Done with the layouts for invitations, t-shirt design, to tarpaulin prints.
What made this year's celebration unique as an artist is that I had the
opportunity to layout a planner.
(See it in the photos below.)

About ArtiDSGN


That's how I describe myself a lot of times.  While most of my colleagues have fallen in love with interior design, mine is an entirely different story.  I have often thought of either being a musician, a secret agent, or a painter.  I see interior design just an unnecessary life's fancy. But God has His ways; I ended being 'stuck' in interior design.  I have tried to run away from this field, but no matter what I do, I always ended up designing.  

Don't get me wrongI love art but interior design is way out of my league, or so I thought.  This must be the reason why I have the eye for details, for color or texture.  An inquisitive mind for how things are built and what's the reason behind it -  or to the weirdest thought this must be the reason why I perceive things beyond what average eyes can see.

After five years of being a visual artist of various companies, I finally accepted my destiny of being a REAL Interior Designer.  I got my license and have been practicing for three straight years now.  

In order for me to catch up in this field and to take pride of its truest essence, here I am recording various experiences and lessons in the genre of interior design.  While this page focuses majorly on interior design, I will also tackle my understanding of ART and some personal stories I encounter along the way.  I am not a writer of any sort, but I hope I can write the things I want to express, or so be it, let my artworks do the talking for me.

In any case, this is a personal dealing with art at the end of the day.  I hope you would join me through my writings every now and then as I share the details of my life as an interior designer, and artist.

After all, part of an interior designer's oath is "I dedicate myself to the pursuit of creative endeavor towards the goal of enlightened art and science, generously sharing with the colleagues, friends, and stranger alike the benefits of my experiences and experiments in the field of interior design."

Heaven Bound

And my first project as a licensed interior designer is.......




Finally got my license in being an Interior Designer!

After years of practicing ID as a junior designer, 

I think I finally deserve this one.