The Conception of Arti-DSGN

Well, I have "conceptualized" the "persona" of ARTI long time ago,
but I never thought I would TRY to run a print business under its name.

Just got a budget to buy a printer and scanner from my SPONSORS.
It was given to me so that graphic tee design would be much more
easier for me to conceptualize.

But I know for a fact, that the TEE BUSINESS would just have to
wait because, basically, pocket is empty for that.

So I am thinking of doing something productive with this printer.

And the idea of setting up an online page for customized invitation cards would be fine.

Cannot think of any name so ARTI-DSGN would be it.

The BRAND name for my ARTIness, 
from graphic art to interior design and everything in between.