Culture Crash Fan Manga

Lo, and behold! 

More than a decade ago, during my high school days, a Filipino Manga emerged and I once enjoyed it during my younger artsy days.

It was called CULTURE CRASH, CCCom, for short.

 Fascinated by it, I sent a letter, but not just an ordinary letter.  It was an art. It was to the point, that the makers of Culture Crash Comics even published it on their Comic Magazine.  All fun and glee that moment was!  Then came a dilemma, I lost that copy!

MANILA FAME March 2012 - Philippines

Manila FAME was founded in 1983 by by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and is one of the longest running trade shows in the Asia-Pacific.

Since its founding, the show has been featuring the latest creation and design trends in furniture and furnishings, holiday and gifts and fashion. Through the years, Manila FAME has been nurturing Philippine creative manufacturers and producers and continues to promote them in the global market.

It is the only event in the Philippines approved by the Union des Foires Internationales (UFI), a Paris-based association of trade fair organizers.

Interior Design Exhibition (Part 2) - Finishes

Well, well... okay two weeks lag.  Here's the update of the ID exhibit coming up by the end of March:

Read the Part 1 here.

The team finally decided on what to put in the exhibit.  It's as simple as a discussion area, which is practically used to any other spaces aside from residential.

M-O-N-E-Y Saving Tips

How can we stretch our hard-earned money so that our needs are met sufficiently?

Let me share a few tips using the acrostic M-O-N-E-Y.

FB Timeline Problem Solved

I know that the FB's Timeline cover photo is cool and all, but the posts becomes somewhat 'randomly arranged' side by side the tiny timeLINE in the middle.  And I do not like the posts' arrangement at all.  Since I can't come back to the previous FB interface, I despised looking at Profile walls.

Then... just an idea popped up out of nowhere!


I attended a seminar today hosted by the University of the Philippines Interior Design Alumni Association.

If this is their first ever UPIDAA Design Sharing, this is my first ever solid ID seminar I attended to after I graduated... well, as far as I could remember.

The lecture series is entitled "Trajectories:  An exploration."