Stumbled upon these old files.  The basic questions we ask in our lives captured in each single word.

Interior Design Exhibit Booth (Part 1) - CONCEPTS

I've been working as an interior designer for some time now, but when a new was project handed to me and my colleagues about designing a 6 sq. meters interior design exhibit booth - I screamed to my self, "Wow!  It would be just like the college days! and  ...uh-oh... what did I do during college days?"

I virtually forgot.  So it was like starting from scratch.

So before I forget about this 'same old brand new' experience.  I think I should jot down points in setting up and Interior Design Business Exhibit.  Here are my experiences for the first two days:

February 2012 Sketches

1.  The National Flag - this is the Philippine flag placed beside the stage of the FBC Auditorium.  The 'bookmark' on the side was traced from Ms. Flor's Starbucks bookmark.  Written within it are some points in the Bible preaching about Love.

Creative Mansay

I was reading posts from Creative Manila on their Facebook page, then I gave a long stare at their display photo.

Now I wonder, why is it so simple.   What's the story?

Meeting with the clouds

This morning I went to visit a site where two bathroom renovations is called for. 

The house is of a Mediterranean concept.  It was built twelve years ago but if you should see it now, it is very well maintained.  The existing interior design of these bathrooms as I put it into the client’s words has 'just got tiring to look at.'  I couldn't agree more.

Two things I learned from today’s meeting.

Definition of Interior Design

"Interior design describes a group of various yet related projects that involve turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities that are to take place there. An interior designer is someone who conducts such projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, liaising with the stakeholders of a project and the management and execution of the design." - Wikipedia

For me, Interior Design is a mixture of art and science.  It is putting the freedom of fantasy into a substantial reality.  It is being able to bring a dream into an awake state - to something very tangible and very functional and valuable.  It's bringing the heart of the wholeness in the construction world.  The aspects in the field of interior design touch the closest relationship to the user.  From the floor surface that one walks to, to the cushion one sits upon, even to the daintiest spoon, or the aura we feel when we close our eyes – the interior designer can put it all into cohesion.

Removing Gallbladder Stones Without Surgery


I got this from my mother and this is a proven health fact, on a personal story basis. 

Story is this:  she was diagnosed to have gallbladder stones.  She tried this Regime and after a week, pea-sized stones came out from her.  She went back to the doctor, and was diagnosed stone-free.

Arti MUGS Custom Made Mugs

Complete and quite satisfied!

I made a web page for our ArtiMUGS products.

You can checkout the page here! 

We offer custom designed mugs that suits each individual's preferences and needs.
Browse the pre-made designs that you can customize to a certain extent or feel free to provide the design yourself!

Origin of the Heart Shape

For the past days I received a box of chocolate crinkles, a chocolate pudding and a rose.
All of these stuffs have one thing in common - the heart shape.

I did a research before about the origin of the heart shape but never succeeded.
So I started defining its form and the way it curved with my own meaning.
Here's the mushy heart shape definition I came up with:

Bicol Pili Tarts' Model

For the last months of JP's 2011, his bread and butter came from selling authentic Pili Tarts from Bicol.
He had buyers from neighbours, churchmates and also totally stranger from the on-line market community.
What can I say, the yummy taste explodes in the mouth!
The first Pili Tart teaser propaganda.
I did some research about the pili nut to make this post a bit informative and here are the results of my query: