Arti MUGS Custom Made Mugs

Complete and quite satisfied!

I made a web page for our ArtiMUGS products.

You can checkout the page here! 

We offer custom designed mugs that suits each individual's preferences and needs.
Browse the pre-made designs that you can customize to a certain extent or feel free to provide the design yourself!

Artidsgn offers mug printing for standard sized ceramic mugs.

These designs or your designs can be printed in fully colored graphic on plain ceramic mug or on magic mugs.

Magic mugs are the ones that changes color depending on the temperature poured on the mug.
 It's initial color is plain black, blue or red, seemingly plain enough.
But we will not call it 'magic' if it is just a simple mug, right?

From Wikipedia
A magic mug is a mug that, when filled with a hot liquid, changes colour. This effect is created by using a special oxidized ink.  These mugs are often manufactured and sold as memorabilia. For example, a mug may reveal a picture of the town or monument where it was sold. They are sometimes given away to promote organisations.Customers can also have their own photographs printed on the mugs.

Here's an illustration.

(Image source: Xdream)

All designs are to be printed on either a plain mug or a magic mug to give you options of how creative you want your mug to be.

Mugs are simple gifts, giveaways or memorabilias,
but doing it with Artidsgn is a bit of magic and pure creativity.