Construction, Architectural and Interior Design Humor

Just compiled. Enjoy. 

Having a hard time to choose?

Flat heads

Mystery Exposed!

Another use for smoke detectors and sprinklers.

Danced like a ballerina?

As you wish!

Damn, social networks!

Read to be informed!

How to build igloos....

How to demolish igloos.

How true...

Ah... that's the first step...

I wish I can do that!

Naughty, naughty....

Gowabongga dude!

Better than CAD?

That is what you call, "Form Development Based in Nature"

Smart layout in the office, eh?

Got the X-Factor?

School days...

PU <space> All <space>

Who said renovating is hard work?

Good memory

Interior Design is waaaaayyyy complicated than you thought.

...and of course.